Auto Insurance in Martinsville, VA

Auto insurance has many factors to think about and with just a large number of variables such as the age of the driver, where you live, your driving history and more; it can be a little overwhelming. Not all insurance companies are made equal and weigh factors differently.
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There are three divisions of auto insurance coverage within your policy.
First is liability coverage, which will cover what you are financially responsible for when injuring others. Most states require liability coverage for each driver.

Second is your full-coverage or comprehensive coverage. This will cover the car itself to protect the vehicle from losses from fire theft, or other such as weather damage. On the other side of the coverage is collision coverage which pays for repairs to your car caused by an accident. When leasing a car, this coverage is typically mandated.

Third is Frist Party Coverage which will provide medical benefits and (optional) coverage for uninsured or underinsured drivers. It can also cover loss of income and death benefits to you or other within your household.

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